Supply for the
Heavy Industry

LDW-Bremen produces and repairs
motors and generators for
power stations, heavy Industry,
steel plants, petrochemical
Industry etc.

LDW-Bremen Generators

Synchronous generators driven by Diesel-
motors, steam- or gas turbines, hydro turbines,
for continuous duty in power stations, as emergency-, or no- break power systems


LDW Bremen rolling mill motors, tandem drive


ABB MF induction melting system consisiting,
of 2 furnaces, type ITMK 6 R 6t, 4,8 MW,
250Hz TWIN-POWER* for melting GG and GGG

ABB MF induction melting system,
consisiting of 3 furnaces, type ITMK 6000 3t,
1,8 MW, 250Hz, for melting GG

Supply for
International Ports

Cranes and spare parts
Crane control

Supply for Electrical Corp./ Power Stations

complete Power Plants
on turn key basis
up to 300 MW
Low/high voltage
motors generators, transformers circuit breakers, power switches

TML develops, manufacture a whole range of UNIDACHS Telescopic– Excavators, Lining Wrecking Machines from 8.5 up to 38 tonnes in weight with reaches of up to 20 metres and special machines for various applications in steel, copper, aluminium,mining and construction industries